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The Software Workshop is dedicated to providing professional Web Software Design Services.  Please follow one of the links below to reach the appropriate web site.

 Web Design
If you need help making your web site more interactive and need the help of professionals -- we can help!

NEWS - The Software Workshop no longer provides Web Hosting services. If you are an exisiting subscriber, or a new visitor looking for high quality hosting services, follow this link to http://www.TheBookHosting.Com/.


 ExtSQL Support - Extended SQL Statistics

The Software Workshop is proud to develop, host and support contributions to the MySQL & PostgreSQL Communities which provide extended usage statistics for SQL.  Besides free release of the GPL source, we have precompiled binaries which include these additional features under the name of ExtSQL®.  We feel DBAs are going to be excited by the ease in which they can now monitor and account for activity on MySQL & PostgreSQL servers under their control.   The ExtSQL server is a drop-in replacement for the current server daemons used in MySQL or PostgreSQL installations -- including older versions! 



NOTE: MySQL® is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems. 
ExtSQL ® is a registered trademark of Software Workshop Inc.

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