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About the Software Workshop Incorporated

We have been in business since 1995 -- almost since the WWW began!  Like most companies we started literally in the 'basement', progressed to an 'apartment',  and moved into real office space in 1998.

 Our Company, Principles & Members (not resources!)

We are a dedicated group of computer professionals committed to supplying you with high quality service. We bring you not only our Web and System's experience, but also our business experience as well! We plan on a long term relationship with our customers. We enjoy our work and we hope it shows -- 'we work to live, not live to work!' Everyone is given three weeks of vacation a year in addition to the standard holidays.

One of the initial founders was an Honor Graduate('cum laude') from the Air Force Academy with a degree in Astronautical Engineering and later earned a Master's from Syracuse University in Computer Science. He was a USAF Pilot and has worked primarily as a Software Engineer. After working for a while at General Electric and growing sick of an environment of managers and employees, and human resources that were turned on & off sometimes at a whim....  

Guiding principles:
  • We are a team - We are all members of the Company, some are selected as leaders, have decision making authority, and they are expected to lead. Everyone is expected to pursue excellence, be honest and truthful, and show caring for the members of the team. We don't have employees and managers.
  • Payroll is not a secret -  There is a white board that has everyone's current pay rate.  Pay is based on position, education, experience, and seniority.
  • Profit bonus is shared equally among members - With input from the members, the President decides what portion of profit will be returned to Company members as bonuses. These payments are made to all members in an equal distribution, including the President.
  • Sound performance is expected - two successive sub-standard performance reviews are justification for dismissal from the Company. Dishonesty or a failure to comply with directives is grounds for immediate dismissal.

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